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WNMHA Registration Q&A

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Q : I will be looking to register my son for U7 hockey in the fall. He has never played before and I saw to contact you if they are a new player to make sure all info is there for registration?

A : If you live in the boundaries of West Niagara, you can register online for Rep or Local League.  You will have to create an online account within the registration system, and you must also complete the Respect in Sport Module for parents, the link for RIS is


Q: My son is wanting to try out for the U16 AA/A teams. However, we currently belong to Dunnville Minor Hockey.  We will request a release to proceed with try outs.  I’m not familiar with your try out process.  Does he need to register online to ‘walk up’ to try outs? Or just show up in person first night of try outs?  Please advise.  And is the fee $160?

A: Thank you for your interest in West Niagara minor hockey. Your son is eligible to try out for our U16 AA team. To do this, you must obtain a non-resident passport form (NRP) from your home centre. Once you obtain this form simply watch our website and show up as a walk on to the first tryout with the tryout fee and the NRP form. I’m not sure how much tryouts are going to be yet, but it will be posted on the website. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out.


Q: I was wondering if you can help me with registration this season. I have a couple questions and have not been able to find the information I am looking for. My son is going to try out for a AAA team. At this point not sure if its Niagara North, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville etc.…. My understanding at this age we are free to go to any location of our choosing. If we don’t make the AAA team, we than can come back to Grimsby and tryout for the AA team. So, my question is where do we register? Do we start at the AAA club that we want to try out for and register through their organization?  Next question is now that we are allowed to go anywhere, do we still need some sort of release form like we had in the past when we wanted to go tryout at Niagara North?

Good Afternoon, If you don’t make a AAA team you would come back to West Niagara. You require a PTS form to try out for a AAA team from your home centre (WN). If you are released from that AAA team and wish to try for another the team that releases you issues a form A1. You do not need to register and can walk on to tryouts and pay cash at the door. You can register for just tryouts on the website if you wish to go that route.


Q: The registration that opens April 4th, is that for the 2022/23 winter season?

A: Registration is for the upcoming season Sept 2022 to April 2023



Q: Hi! We have just moved to Beamsville just over a year ago and are looking at signing up our two boys for the upcoming season. One born in 2014, one born in 2017. Can you please let me know what is required for the next steps, this will be the first year the boys have ever played hockey (up until now they have only done CanSkate).

A: you need to fill in the following form, (residential transfer form) one per player,, and attach all documents so we can do a proper residential transfer.  Send it to me when done, and I will process the transfer


Q: My son currently looking to try out for West Niagara U15AA (2008) team for next year.  We are residents of Stoney Creek, but he has been in the Hamilton Huskies organization for past years. To confirm we would need to get the NRP from Stoney Creek? What would be the process then for tryouts? Lastly do you know after the AAA tryouts start when would the AA tryouts begin, and will there be a contact clinic offered prior to tryouts?

you need to get an NRP from Stoney Creek.  If Stoney Creek can provide NRP's they will and if not, Stoney Creek will tell you why.  And then you can come to our tryouts, our dates will be posted when they are available,



Q : Good evening. I have a question regarding hockey registration.  My son will be 7 in April, and I would like to register him for hockey for the fall but am unsure what to register him for. He has never played hockey before. He can skate, however. Not perfectly of course. Would I sign him up for his age group? So it would be u8? Or would he start with hockey school? Or something younger?  Thanks for any help

A: Good morning, you can register him for U7 or U6 overage hockey school. You can start at U6 overage, and then if he progresses, we can always move him up

Q: My son played for NN last year and we are having try out again next year. Do we still register him  with WN and get the permission to skate form from you for the NN tryouts? Or does he now register with NN?

A: You do not have to register him with WNMHA, but you must obtain your PTS from WNMHA.  However, if you son gets released from AAA, and registers after August 1st, there will be a $100 late fee.  So your options are, register him now with WNMHA, and if you  make AAA, you will receive a full refund, or wait till he is released and then register him with WNMHA.  

Q:I have a quick question my kid played for the U9 AAA Niagara North team this past year and I read everything over and nothing is in there about the AAA. So do I register him with you for U10 as this is our local team or how does that work?

You don’t have to register here,, you can go to tryouts in the fall, if he is released he can come tryout here,,

  1. There will be a 100 late fee after august 1st
  2. Tryout will be 160.00 walk up rather then 150.00 if you were to register online