Schedule & Results, Pete Ross Memorial Novice Tournament, 2019-2020 (West Niagara Minor Hockey)

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Friday, February 14, 2020
AA Pool A019:00 AMFleming Barrie Colts4-2Toronto North Novice
AA Pool A029:00 AMWest Lin Halton Thunder2-1Whitby Wildcats White
AA Pool B039:00 AMPK East Aurora Tigers2-2Brampton 45's
AA Pool B049:00 AMPK West Duffield Devils Red2-1Guelph Gryphons
AA Pool C059:00 AMJordan Markham Waxers1-5Milton Winterhawks
AA Pool C0610:00 AMFleming Oshawa Generals1-4Whitby Wildcats Blue
AA Pool D0710:00 AMWest Lin Goulding Rangers9-1Newmarket Redman
AA Pool D0810:00 AMPK East Orangeville Flyers2-2West Niagara Flying Aces A1
A Pool A0910:00 AMPK West Glancaster Bombers6-1Halton Hills Thunder
A Pool A1010:00 AMJordan London Bandits4-0Milton Winterhawks
A Pool A1111:00 AMFleming Orillia Terriers7-0Oshawa Generals Novice A Green
A Pool B1211:00 AMWest Lin Hamilton Huskies White1-8Mt Brydges Cougars
A Pool B1311:00 AMPK East Oshawa Generals0-4Stoney Creek Warriors
A Pool B1411:00 AMPK West Whitby Novice A0-8Woolwich Wildcats
A Pool C1511:00 AMJordan Center Wellington Fusion5-0Hamilton Huskies Black
A Pool C1612:00 PMFleming Meadowvale Hawks0-6St. Thomas Stars
A Pool C1712:00 PMWest Lin West Mall Lightening White1-0West Niagara Flying Aces A2
BB Pool A1812:00 PMPK East Collingwood Blackhawks3-4Lindsay Muskies
BB Pool A1912:00 PMPK West Napanee Stars10-0Thorold Blackhawks
BB Pool B2012:00 PMJordan Cayuga 6-3Huron Bruce Blizzard
BB Pool B211:00 PMFleming Ingersoll Express3-1Kawartha Coyotes
BB Pool C221:00 PMWest Lin Hagersville 4-1Millbrook Stars
BB Pool C231:00 PMPK East Mt Brydges Cougars2-2Niagara On The Lake
BB Pool D241:00 PMPK West Shallow Lake Lakers1-5South Huron Sabres
BB Pool D251:00 PMJordan Tillsonburg Tornadoes4-3Waterford Wildcats
AA Pool A262:00 PMFleming Toronto North Novice3-10Halton Thunder
AA Pool A272:00 PMWest Lin Whitby Wildcats White4-4Barrie Colts
AA Pool B282:00 PMPK East Brampton 45's3-4Duffield Devils Red
AA Pool B292:00 PMPK West Guelph Gryphons5-1Aurora Tigers
AA Pool C302:00 PMJordan Milton Winterhawks9-1Oshawa Generals
AA Pool C313:00 PMFleming Whitby Wildcats Blue3-3Markham Waxers
AA Pool D323:00 PMWest Lin Newmarket Redman1-1Orangeville Flyers
AA Pool D333:00 PMPK East West Niagara Flying Aces A11-4Goulding Rangers
A Pool A343:00 PMPK West Halton Hills Thunder0-8London Bandits
A Pool A354:00 PMFleming Milton Winterhawks2-1Orillia Terriers
A Pool A364:00 PMWest Lin Oshawa Generals Novice A Green0-7Glancaster Bombers
A Pool B374:00 PMPK East Mt Brydges Cougars14-0Oshawa Generals
A Pool B384:00 PMPK West Stoney Creek Warriors2-8Whitby Novice A
A Pool B395:00 PMFleming Woolwich Wildcats9-1Hamilton Huskies White
A Pool C405:00 PMWest Lin Hamilton Huskies Black2-4Meadowvale Hawks
A Pool C415:00 PMPK East St. Thomas Stars3-5West Mall Lightening White
A Pool C425:00 PMPK West West Niagara Flying Aces A28-3Center Wellington Fusion
BB Pool A436:00 PMFleming Lindsay Muskies5-2Napanee Stars
BB Pool A446:00 PMWest Lin Thorold Blackhawks1-5Collingwood Blackhawks
BB Pool B456:00 PMPK East Huron Bruce Blizzard8-4Ingersoll Express
BB Pool B467:00 PMFleming Kawartha Coyotes2-10Cayuga
BB Pool C477:00 PMWest Lin Millbrook Stars1-4Mt Brydges Cougars
BB Pool C487:00 PMPK East Niagara On The Lake 0-4Hagersville
Saturday, February 15, 2020
BB Pool D4910:00 AMFleming South Huron Sabres4-0Tillsonburg Tornadoes
BB Pool D5010:00 AMWest Lin Waterford Wildcats7-2Shallow Lake Lakers
A Pool A5110:00 AMPK East Glancaster Bombers3-6Milton Winterhawks
A Pool A5210:00 AMPK West Halton Hills Thunder5-3Oshawa Generals Novice A Green
A Pool A5311:00 AMFleming London Bandits4-2Orillia Terriers
A Pool B5411:00 AMWest Lin Hamilton Huskies White2-4Stoney Creek Warriors
A Pool B5511:00 AMPK East Mt Brydges Cougars3-4Woolwich Wildcats
A Pool B5611:00 AMPK West Oshawa Generals1-5Whitby Novice A
A Pool C5712:00 PMFleming Center Wellington Fusion3-2St. Thomas Stars
A Pool C5812:00 PMWest Lin Hamilton Huskies Black0-6West Niagara Flying Aces A2
A Pool C5912:00 PMPK East Meadowvale Hawks1-5West Mall Lightening White
AA Pool A6012:00 PMPK West Barrie Colts3-3Halton Thunder
AA Pool A611:00 PMFleming Toronto North Novice1-2Whitby Wildcats White
AA Pool B621:00 PMPK East Aurora Tigers1-3Duffield Devils Red
AA Pool B632:00 PMFleming Brampton 45's1-3Guelph Gryphons
AA Pool C642:00 PMPK East Markham Waxers4-3Oshawa Generals
AA Pool C653:00 PMFleming Milton Winterhawks5-1Whitby Wildcats Blue
AA Pool D663:00 PMPK East Goulding Rangers8-1Orangeville Flyers
AA Pool D674:00 PMFleming Newmarket Redman1-6West Niagara Flying Aces A1
BB Pool A684:00 PMPK East Collingwood Blackhawks2-2Napanee Stars
BB Pool A695:00 PMFleming Lindsay Muskies9-0Thorold Blackhawks
BB Pool B705:00 PMPK East Cayuga 8-2Ingersoll Express
BB Pool B715:00 PMJordan Huron Bruce Blizzard11-0Kawartha Coyotes
BB Pool C725:30 PMGateway1 Hagersville 1-6Mt Brydges Cougars
BB Pool C736:00 PMFleming Millbrook Stars1-2Niagara On The Lake
BB Pool D746:00 PMPK East Shallow Lake Lakers0-9Tillsonburg Tornadoes
BB Pool D756:00 PMJordan South Huron Sabres3-4Waterford Wildcats
Quarter766:30 PMGateway1 London Bandits4-0Whitby Novice A
Quarter777:00 PMFleming Woolwich Wildcats5-0Glancaster Bombers
Quarter787:00 PMPK East West Mall Lightening White2-4Milton Winterhawks
Quarter797:00 PMJordan Mt Brydges Cougars4-0West Niagara Flying Aces A2
Sunday, February 16, 2020
Semi809:00 AMWest Lin Lindsay Muskies1-5Cayuga
Semi819:00 AMPK East Mt Brydges Cougars0-7South Huron Sabres
Semi8210:00 AMWest Lin Halton Thunder4-3Duffield Devils Red
Semi8310:00 AMPK East Milton Winterhawks1-4Goulding Rangers
Semi8411:00 AMWest Lin London Bandits3-4Woolwich Wildcats
Semi8511:00 AMPK East Milton Winterhawks4-10Mt Brydges Cougars
Finals8612:00 PMWest Lin South Huron Sabres5-4Cayuga
Final871:15 PMWest Lin Halton Thunder1-4Goulding Rangers
Finals883:00 PMWest Lin Mt Brydges Cougars5-4Woolwich Wildcats
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