U5 Hockey School and U7 Initiation Program (West Niagara Minor Hockey)

PrintU5 Hockey School and U7 Initiation Program
Jr. Timbits & Initiation Program

Tim Hortons Minor Hockey
Proudly sponsored by the Tim Hortons Timbits Minor Hockey Program!

U5 Jr. Timbits Program
The Jr. Timbits program is specifically designed to teach basic skating and hockey skills to brand new 4-year-olds. The Jr. Timbits program will introduce kids to the love, joy, and passion that is hockey!!

What's Included:

  • 20-week Program (One 1-hour Session per week)
  • Professional Instruction
  • End of Season Gala Day in March (details provided later in season)
  • Jerseys and Hockey Socks provided
  • Player Picture Day

Note: If both the league and the player's parents are in agreement, an advanced 4-year old player may be moved into an older Age Group.

U7 Initiation Program
The Initiation Program is a program specially designed for 5 and 6-year-olds, the Initiation Program introduces kids to the love, joy, and passion that is hockey!!

What's Included:

  • 20-week Program:
  • - 4-week Evaluation Period run by Professional Instruction (2 1-hour Evaluation Skates per week)
    - Remaining 16-weeks consist of one 1-hour Game and one 1-hour Practice per week
  • End of Season Gala Day in March (details provided later in season)
  • Jerseys and Hockey Socks provided
  • Team Picture Day

The IP program is about "KIDS" - Keeping Initial Development Simple. It's hockey for the FUN of it! 

Cross-Ice Hockey
The U7 Initiation Program plays games via Cross-Ice Hockey. Cross-Ice Hockey places an emphasis on fun while spending time on development. At this age group, there will be more opportunity for all players to handle the puck and learn to skate. During game slots, Coaches will lead their teams in one-hour sessions, splitting the time on:

  • Organized OMHA lesson plans for stick/puck/skating development
  • Semi-formal cross ice hockey games

For the hour-long practice session, the program will be conducted by the Lead instructor on a bi-weekly basis, following the Canadian Hockey Initiation Program (CHIP). This is a program designed by Hockey Canada which:

  • Develops fundamental skating skills
  • Guides and trains coaches on leading practices to develop fundamental skating skills

This part of the program helps to introduce, develop, and organize the coaching skills of the Coaches as a guide to lead team practices through the entire season, at the same time developing fundamental skating skills for young hockey players. This helps develop the newer Coaches as well as providing lesson plans and exercises that will be valuable for many years of coaching.

The Initiation Program Instructors works closely on-ice with the Coaches and Assistant Coaches to a point whereby, progressively, the Coaches will run the sessions on their own with help only as required.

Who is it for? What does it consist of?

  • These are Hockey Programs for the 4, 5, and 6-year-old age groups
  • The programs follow the OMHA recommendations for the U5 and U7 age groups
  • These are also known as the "Cross Ice" programs
  • They consist of skating skills development and hockey stick/puck skills development
  • Your child does not need to know how to skate to join these programs! The IP, Fast Forward, and Jr Timbits Programs can be a great alternative to other skating programs!
  • For the younger ages (4 and 5) it is a great alternative to other skating programs if your son or daughter is not yet ready to try hockey! For age 6, we would recommend you join the Hockey Skills Program which may help in the basics of skating. As the season progresses we may be able to pull you player into the Hockey Initiation Program stream.

What equipment is required?
All players must wear full equipment as per the OMHA minimum equipment standard. Mouthguards are mandatory. More information can be found on the Required Equipment List.

Interested in Coaching or Volunteering?
There will be considerable pre-season training for all coaches and volunteers and on-going guidance with presentation of sessions and use of the OMHA and Hockey Canada Manuals. Coach1 training and certification is required to coach for West Niagara Minor Hockey. The previous hybrid course which included Coach 1&2 is no longer being offered as an option - these courses are now separate. In most cases, the Coach1 training and certification program will be offered to you by the Club at no cost to you.

If you are interested in becoming a Coach please email [email protected] . We will get in touch with you soon to talk about how and where you can help out and to get the ball rolling!

Still have some questions?
Please contact the VP, Initiation Program and Hockey Skills for more information. They would be happy to help you with any concerns you may have. The contact information can be found here: click here.