House League General Information (West Niagara Minor Hockey)

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House League General Information

This page provides general information on the setup, structure, and scheduling of the West Niagara House League (U9 and above). Please note this information discusses House League in general. Refer to the Registration Information Page for updates specific to the current or upcoming season.

The Recreational Stream, also known as House League, is a recreational level of play offered to players 8 year olds (U9) and older. Typically House League consists of one practice per week as well as one or two games per week (depending on the Division). 

  • House League Formation - In house vs Interlock vs NDLL
  • House League Schedule
  • Pre-Season and Evaluations
  • Team Formation and the Drafting Process
  • Becoming a Volunteer

House League Formation

Each year we have to decide what is the best house league option. It always depends on the number of teams.
It depends on the age group as to how many teams are needed to make an enjoyable experience. In some years we may partner with another center (example Jordan Minor Hockey). If we don't have enough teams to stay in house only or interlock we may elect to join the Niagara District. Niagara District is a Local League program for centers who want to add additional variety (ie don't have enough teams). Our decision may be based on age group, while some groups can stay in house, some groups may interlock and some groups may play Niagara District. It all depends on our numbers by age group and won't really be known until September of each season.
General rule of thumb
U9 stays in house
U11 and U13 typically have enough teams to stay in house, we may just elect to interlock.
U15 and U18 will usually need at least an interlock or will have to play in Niagara District

The House League Schedule
WNMHA works hard to post the House League schedule as early as possible and our goal is to have it posted to the WNMHA website by late October.

Practice Scheduling: 
There is a LOT of variables that go into ice scheduling. U9, U11, U13 and U15 teams will typically practice one evening a week. It varies by year on which divisions will practice on which nights. While every effort is made to set a fixed practice night there will be times where we have to shuffle the schedule around. The U18 group will not have fixed practices. The focus for that group is on games - however teams will get occassional practice time as slots become available.

The House League season typically begins in mid October and runs until late March. The typical House League season can be broken down into four components:

  • Pre-Season Evaluations - Mid October
  • Drafting and Team Formation - Late October
  • Regular Season - November - Feb/March depending on age group
  • Playoffs and Championships - Feb/March depending on age group

Pre-Season and Evaluations

House League evaluations are a critical component to creating competitively balanced, fair and equitable teams within the Association. All Players will be emailed prior to the Evaluations with your exact Dates, Times, and details and the information will also be posted on the WNMHA Website – check back regularly for updates. If your Division’s evaluation is within 48 hours and you have not received an email advising you of your exact details please contact the WNMHA for assistance.

Grimsby, Lincoln, West Lincoln preference: When you register you are asked to indicate your preferred arena. Where possible we try to keep people based out of the local/preferred arena. However, depending on numbers of registrants for any age group we may have to place a player on a non preferred arena. Another key driver of the numbers is the number of goalies.

Special Requests: We try to accomodate special requests but cannot guarantee that all can be accomodated. Send in special requests near the time of evaluations. 

You must be registered for the current season to attend the Evaluations!


Become a Volunteer!

Volunteers are the lifeblood and backbone of the Flying Aces. We are always looking for people to help out on the bench, during practice, as a Manager or Convenor, and more! You can help an hour or two a week, or you can really dive in and pick up some of the heavy lifting – it’s up to you! And you don’t have to be a "hockey person" to help – there are roles that need some hockey knowledge, of course, but there are administrative and managerial roles as well. If you are interested in volunteering, thank you!! Please email the registrar to start the volunteer process. We will get in touch with you soon to talk about how and where you can help out!