Tryout List, U18 AA, Representative, 2023-2024, U16-18 (West Niagara Minor Hockey)

This Team is part of the 2023-2024 season, which is not set as the current season.
Tryout List
Group A1231Released
Group B7909Selected
Group A11508Released
Group A11509Selected
Group B11510Released
Group A11518Released
Group A11519Selected
Group B11520Selected
Group A11539Released
Group B11545Selected
Group B11546Selected
Group A11653Selected
Group B30694Selected
Group A30862Released
Group B31739Released
Group B31972Released
Group B32427Selected
Group B35101Released
Group B36592Released
Group A36593Released
Group B42606Released
Group A42997Released
Group A44042Released
Group A46629Released
Group B47939Selected
Group B51515Released
Group B51516Released
Group B54211Selected
Group A55197Released
Group A55839Released
Group B66062Released
Group A70134Released
Group B73981Released
Group A74203Released
Group B75315Selected
Group A76887Released
Group B77564Selected
Group A81816Released
Group A87228Released
Group A90523Selected
Group A137291Released
Group B137298Selected
Group B141106Selected
Group B164695Released
Group A169403Selected
Group A175913Released
Group A209061Released
Group B296091Released
Group B314244Released
Group B341976Released
Group B388310Released
Group A446338Selected
Group A450436Released
Group A462671Released
Group B493621Released
Group A1077324Released
Group A3343749Released
Group A3361688Released
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