Tryout List, U11 AA, Representative, 2023-2024, U10-11 (West Niagara Minor Hockey)

This Team is part of the 2023-2024 season, which is not set as the current season.
Tryout List
Group A20051Selected
Group A25213Released
Group A44346Released
Group B47640Released
Group A53135Selected
Group A54735Released
Group B55111Released
Group A55681Released
SITTING OUT63660Selected
Group A76003Released
Group B86279Released
Group A719899Released
Group B719953Released
Group A755254Selected
Group A774580Selected
Group A786564Selected
Group A812984Selected
Group A838924Selected
Group A843266Selected
Group B843362Released
Group B843447Released
SITTING OUT843775Selected
Group A846347Released
Group A847517Selected
Group B850560Released
Group A851426Released
Group A852128Released
Group A853720Selected
Group B854509Released
Group B855036Released
Group A855694Released
Group B858706Released
Group A858720Released
SITTING OUT859170Selected
Group A868185Selected
Group A870881Released
Group B873060Released
Group A878185Selected
Group B881137Released
Group A885657Selected
Group A886340Released
Group A890298Released
Group A907044Released
Group A959065Released
Group A959075Released
Group B959079Released
Group B959107Released
Group B959160Released
Group B960880Released
Group A975499Released
Group B979539Released
Group A983462Released
Group A987375Released
Group A992515Released
Group A994932Released
Group A1011991Released
Group A1032076Released
Group B1074120Released
Group A1077961Released
Group A1087299Selected
Group A1177004Released
Last Updated: May 07, 2023 10:09 PM